10 Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing - Best spy Tools for Affiliate Marketing

10 Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing

best affiliate marketing tools

Affiliate marketing is one of the famous and approved ways to earn money online from your blogs or website. It’s a kind of balanced and supported income stream when you monetize your website or blog through affiliate marketing. If you want to be successful in Affiliate Marketing here are some best tools for Affiliate Marketing listed below. Learn these best spy tools for affiliate marketing and earn through your affiliate referral links on your blogs or websites.

The online advertiser pays you when you have a referral link of their products on your website, it’s a recommendation process in affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing engaged in the basis of CPL(cost per lead) or CPA(cost per acquisition). In detail, if someone purchases the product or signup for the trial period using the referral link which you embed in your blog’s then you got a commission for each purchase.

When compared to Google Adsense the commission amount is high to the publisher and which is afforded by the advertiser. Based on your clients or audience interest you can find the product or services and you can add the referral link of the product so they can purchase it through your blog or website. Before knowing the top 10 Affiliate Marketing tools, learn affiliate marketing for beginners.

how to start affiliate marketing for beginners?

how to start affiliate marketing for beginners?

If you want to become part of affiliate marketing you should use the right tools to optimize the various offers over the different platforms. Affiliate marketing guides you through smart work and good earning not spending for the hard-working. There are various best tools for affiliate marketing for beginners and professionals to promote the products and optimize your campaign.

These are the best spy tools for affiliate marketing to get great insights and boost your ROI. Most affiliate marketers use the tools needed for affiliate marketing because of manage the multiple products promote at the same time. It will ease your work and give a good ROI in affiliate marketing.

Top 10 Best tools for Affiliate Marketing

1. Voluum

best spy tools for affiliate marketing

Voluum is an Ad Tracking tool that will help you to track advertising of all campaigns that you manage, analyze the insights data, and improve the performance of your ads. The key feature of the Voluum is Automizer, Traffic Distribution AI, Anti-Fraud kit, and Alerts. Voluum is the best affiliate marketing tool integrated with more than 40 traffic sources.

They offer server-to-server postbacks instead of cookies dependent to get conversion data and differentiate the various conversion types and convert it to you.

Voluum supports all advertising formats, also lets you track all types with or without redirects.

Using the Traffic Distribution AI you can easily get the gaining pair of ads and landing pages for your offers and customers.

Using Anti-Fraud Kit you can avoid bot traffic sources and safeguard your advertising.

Automizer feature is a built-in part in Voluum that helps you to draw your own rules and control all your ads campaign under Voluum from the ad tracker.

Using Alerts you can get notifications on mobile about any changes in your campaign performance.

The pricing deals are,

  • Discover –$89/month
  • Profit – $149/month
  • Grow – $449/month
  • Custom – Custom pricing.

2. Adplexity

best tools for affiliate marketing

Adplexity is one of the best affiliate marketing tools for ad intelligence. Based on your competitors’ successful ad campaign it will track all the types of various ads like mobile, desktop, push, native ads, eCommerce and enterprise. In detail, Adplexity keeps track of all your competitor’s successful ad campaigns over mobile traffic sources.

By learning the details you can get an idea about your ad campaign and implement the profitable techniques on ads.

Adplexity is the best spy tool for affiliate marketing that helps you to create your ads not from scratch but by yourself with high effective ads which you can make use of it from your competitor’s profitable campaigns.

The pricing for Adplexity Mobile is $199/month, includes Popup ads data (5 networks), Android In-App ads data (5 networks), Mobile display web ads data (15 exchanges), Powerful but easy to use interface,

Download all landing pages with 1 click, and Chat and email support.

3. Unbounce

Tools Needed for Affiliate Marketing

Unbounce is the best affiliate marketing tool that leads you to create your own landing pages which not required coding skills. Simply, it has 100+ templates and over 15000+ other marketer users who use Unbounce platforms. They provide a chatbot platform for affiliate marketers. They are the best landing page builders and provide the best lead generation tools.

The success key of Unbounce is Conversion Intelligence and Smart Traffic features which draw the highest converting campaigns. They provide customizable landing pages, Popups, and Sticky bars to create and control your ads campaigns and improve conversion rates. With this tool, you can find profitable landing pages and make use of the copy of that landing pages for your bulk pages in high conversion.

The features of Unbounce are,

  • Drag and Drop Builders
  • Popups and Sticky Bars
  • Integrations and connections
  • 100 + Templates
  • Community and Support
  • AI-Powered Tools

The Pricing deals are, you can get 20% off by the referrals or 20% off on annual pay,

  • Launch plan – $72/month
  • Optimize plan – $108/month
  • Accelerate plan – $180/month

4. ShareASale

affiliate marketing tools free

To increase online sales and monetize your content use the ShareASale tools needed for affiliate marketing. Merchants and affiliate marketers use ShareASale as an effective affiliate marketing tool to get profits from their business. ShareASale generate 182m sales in 2020, has 16550+ merchants and 225000+ publishers. The pricing plans are drawn based on the Merchants, Agencies, and Affiliates.

ShareASale provides free signup Affiliates service. You can join with them for free and find out your affiliate products then start to promote and earn the commissions. The best affiliate marketing tools free membership and the right support to earn money over ShareASale. The publisher program operates by Awin and ShareASale to support affiliates and free training sessions. Candid, Cricut, Deluxe, Reebok, Etsy are their top clients when you join ShareASale you can get access to these top brands to grow your business.

5. CJ Affiliate

best affiliate marketing tools

CJ Affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing tools which has the largest affiliate networks around the world which leads you to bigger results. Using this affiliate program you can untie the real ability of affiliate marketing. CJ Affiliate’s bigger network provides 1B+ global customers, 14B+ engagement annually, 157M online and offline transactions annually, and $16B Annual potential Revenue.

CJ Affiliate provides a free signup account for publishers that has affiliate marketing tools free for Commission Junction's affiliate program. Once you joined then get quick approval for any affiliate program and earn up to $300 per account. CJ Affiliates has tie-up with top brands which influence your affiliate business.

The Features of CJ Affilaites are,

  • Sync with Social handles
  • Fast Approval for top brands
  • Premium Sponsorships with top brands
  • Review Campaign using Expert Advocates

6. Impact radius

tools needed for affiliate marketing

Impact Radius provides a free-to-join SaaS platform that has hundreds of affiliate programs in various niches. Free affiliate marketing tool to own top brand advertisers made an influence in publishers business. It was easy to get approval for various affiliate products. Top brands tie up with Impact Radius to develop profitable partnerships with affiliate marketers around the region. Southwest Vacations, Vitamin World, Ibotta, Adidas are some of the top advertisers. You can affiliate with 1000 brands connected with Impact Radius.

  • The Advantages of Impact Radius are,
  • Dedicate Dashboard manage affiliates
  • Support beginner affiliates
  • Large network to cross-sell products
  • Track the traffic drive affiliates
  • Ensure for illicit practice

7. Poweradspy

spy tools for affiliate marketing

Poweradspy is the most popular and the best spy tool for affiliate marketing. The collection of ads database owned by Poweradspy which guide their customers to create ad campaign based on their competitor’s campaigns on various platforms. Poweradspy is a social ads spy tool that helps advertisers to get huge insights from successful ad campaigns of competitors on social media platforms. It is an all one platform for social spy tool on affiliate marketing. The traffic sources are from

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Google Ads
  • Google Display
  • Native Ads
  • Quora
  • Reddit

The Poweradspy spy tool finds the competitor’s ads based on Demographics Location, Advertiser, and Calls to Action. This is a free affiliate tool and paid promotion for links on your website or social media. You can get residual income that is to track customers’ lifecycle of frequent purchases to improve your campaign. 10 days free trial on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Native, GDN, Reddit, and Quora for 100 searches or 1000 Ads.

Pricing for a campaign spy tool

  • Facebook – $49/month
  • Facebook & Instagram – $99/month
  • Facebook, Youtube & Instagram – $149/month
  • Facebook, Google, Youtube & Instagram – $249/month
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube & Native –$299/month
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Native, GDN, Reddit, & Quora – $349/month

8. Bitly

Best URL Shortener

Bitly is the affiliate marketing tool and the popular link management platform around the world. Based on your custom links you can get an optimized analysis of campaign performance over the locations and channels. You can develop a large-scale personalized customer experience and use this tool free for a single profile with Twitter sync from your website.

The key performance of Bitly in affiliate marketing is to produce big results for short links. The best and free affiliate tool in affiliate marketing has top brand advertisers like ESPN, Amazon, Gartner, Newyork times, Buzz feed and Bose.

This affiliate marketing solution helps you to upgrade your links by custom generate, sharing, and tracking the links for all the ways of contacts.

The Bitly Plan pricing details are,

Free Plan – Up to 1,000 bit.ly links/month, Unlimited clicks, Customizable back-halves, Powerful link history and reporting, Access to integrations, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Basic Plan – $35/month, includes free plan features plus Up to 1,500 branded links/month, Create and share branded links, Basic email support, Redirect any link, Bulk link shortening, and Bitly-branded QR Codes.

Premium Plan – $300/month, includes Basic plan features with Up to 3,000 branded links/month, Advanced analytics, Campaigns, UTM Builder, Mobile deep links, and QR Codes.

EnterpriseCustom Pricing, includes Premium plan features with Up to 10,000+ branded links/month, At scale link generation,

Advanced user and group permissions, 99.9% SLA uptime,

Comprehensive data and analytics, Personalized onboarding, and expert account manager support

9.Pretty Links

Custom Link Shortener

Pretty Links is one of the best tools for affiliate marketing specially integrated for WordPress Users. The advantage of this affiliate tool is to shorten the long-tail links into prettier links to unlock revenue from the affiliate products. You can generate revenue from your existing or new content using the Pretty Links affiliates.

This affiliate tool helps you to generate money from your content by placing affiliate links on the WordPress site. Use can get memorable, shareable, and clean affiliate links to embed on your content which makes profits.

The Pricing is as follows includes a 100% money-back guarantee after 14 days.

  • Super Affiliate -$149/year
  • Marketer -$99/year (recommended)
  • Beginner -$79/year

10. Clickbank

Leading Affiliate Marketplace

ClickBank is a big marketplace for leading marketers and for inventive product owners around the world. It is a leading global retailer for affiliate marketing. If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and looking to sell or promote affiliate products then ClickBank is the right place to empower your Affiliate business. ClickBank has tie-up with affiliates around the world to sell products to over 200M customers.

You can get the highest paid commission products at nearly 90%, reliable payout on time, ClickBank HOPLINK tracking system reward you credits for every sale, promote automatic Upsell offers, continue earning with a subscription base. Also, YOu can make connections with top affiliate marketers when you promote ClickBank products. Over 20 years of experience the ClickBank earn a $4 billion commission through affiliate marketing.

Bonus Affiliate Tool and Tips: SEMrush

SEMrush SEO Tools

SEMRush is the best SEO optimization tool to track the performance of your competitor’s ad campaigns. It includes the detailed analytics of your competitor’s website SEO, Paid Traffic, Social Media, Content & PR. you can get 30 days free trial to know more about the SEMRush working techniques and benefits. It provides you with 50+ tools on SEO, Content Marketing, Competitors research, PPC, and Social Media Marketing which helps you to grow your customers and make an online presence on your website.

If you receive more visitors to your website then your affiliate products automatically reach the gain of your efforts. you can track and analyze the competitor’s accounts to improve your site presence and create optimized social ads to promote your links. nearly 500 companies use SEMRush as their go-to marketing tool. SEMRush helps you to find how to reach more prospects with less spendings.

  • Get the right keywords for every PPC campaign
  • Get detailed analytics of your Competitors ad campaigns and landing pages
  • improve your advertising with less spending
  • Analyze Google Shopping ad campaigns


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