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Best English Grammar Checker Online Free


There may be many free grammar checking tools or software available for the past decades to influence writing content. Here we are going to know more about what improvements and incredible features have Grammarly come across these days. Is Grammarly really the best English grammar checker online for free? Yes, you will gain more benefits through this free online tool. It will improve writing skills and help people like content writers in multilanguage websites. Also, the education industry, posts, blogs, and office works Grammarly guides you effectively. Also, it has more advanced features like Plagiarism checker, Spelling checker, Punctuation checker, and more. Let's see the brief on Grammarly.

What is Grammarly and what it can do?

Best English Grammar check online free

A reliable way to correct grammar in your content is the greatest option and essential one. Grammarly is a free grammar correction tool that will feature to check grammar, proofreading, spelling, and plagiarism all under one roof. Many of them may probably advantage from the right features of Grammarly as a grammar checker, however, there are a lot more features available in it that can improve your writing. The bloggers, creators, content writers, students, teachers, scholars, or authors benefit from it.

You can clearly get the way of correcting your content based on the grammar rules by Grammarly. The online grammar correction tool helps you to capture spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, grammar errors, and plagiarism problems, etc. You may use a browser extension or desktop software app for Grammarly to get all writing correction features uniquely.

The best spelling and grammar checker tool will be available on both free and paid versions, based on your need you can benefit from both plans. If you use Grammarly’s premium version then you could clearly get the potential usage and ROI of quality of your content.

Grammarly not only captures the errors also it will provide a complete online grammar guide to explain the details of grammatical errors. The free best English Grammar Checker helps you to become a professional writer.

What are Features does Grammarly offers?

The free version of Grammarly provides basic writing suggestions that will be a great gain to your work. In the upgrade version, you have a lot more advanced suggestions and clarity improvements that output quality content.

A browser extension is always free you can add it to your browser and correct all your browser-based work as the automatic suggestions will appear parallelly. When it comes to desktop or editor you can copy-paste your content on Grammarly editor to correct your work.

Let’s discuss the main features of Grammarly,

1. English Grammar Checker and Punctuation Checker

 If you get a mistake in your sentence or words Grammarly will suggest the errors as well as the solutions, it will be a quick response. It notifies the errors and detects basic and advanced grammar with punctuation errors like alliteration, errant comma, sentence fluency, division, etc. The best spelling and grammar checker tool will correct more than 150 grammar errors. Eliminate spelling errors, fix the inconsistency in punctuations, formatting throughout your document or content. Also, it will ensure the choice of words will be natural and fluent in your sentences.

2. Spelling checker

Most of the writing editors or tools provide auto spell correction like Microsoft Word, Scrivener, etc. In Grammarly, spell check is much easier than it will benefit double along with grammar correction. Provide an appropriate tone if you’re in a hurry. Remove all inconsistencies in spelling till the end of your document and drive your writing mistake-free.

3. Plagiarism Checker

Duplicate content will cause copyright issues and lead to quite problems. To avoid plagiarism content Grammarly helps you to cross-check your content to billions of web pages. This tool is the best grammar and plagiarism checker for those who write content for web pages, blogs, articles, essays, freelance writers, editors, and content publishers. Plagiarism was not done purposely at all times but to avoid duplicate content publishing it must be an efficient plagiarism checker.

4. Writing Style suggestions

It may be the maximum underappreciated Grammarly feature. It offers you help with sentence length, overall clarity, and other actionable insights on improving your writing. If you want to become a higher creator, this is exactly what you want. It guides you through how to overcome grammatical mistakes and improve your writing style. This online grammar checker tool encourages with right words and increases your writing scores.

 5. Readability

Grammarly detects clumsy or awkward sentences, passages, or paragraphs. Then offers the AI technology to precisely rewrite the content with more concise and clear for the readers.

Various ways to use Grammarly

best grammar and plagiarism checker

The best online grammar checker tool has many options to use properly.

  1. Grammarly Online editor: Copy-paste or upload content on Grammarly dashboard.
  2. Browser Extension: Add this tool on your browser like as a Chrome browser extension
  3. Outlook App for Microsoft Office
  4. Microsoft Word extension
  5. Desktop app for Windows as well as Mac
  6. Google Docs extension
  7. Grammarly app for iOS or Android device

Grammarly pricing and Plan details:

grammar correction tool free

Grammarly free version includes basic features that are advanced in Premium version. The advanced features are a grammar checker, a plagiarism detector, and some vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

The free version is best suited for bloggers and writers at a no-cost budget. If you try to obtain an additional writing insight with an ability to set writing goals then upgrade with the premium version of Grammarly. It fixes and finds more errors than the free version.

Free Plan: Basic writing features.

Premium Plan: Starting at $12/month, includes Style, Clarity improvements, and additional advanced corrections.

Business Plan: Starting at $12.50/member/month, suited for Professional and clear communication for teams of 3 to 149.

Advanced features,

  • Correctness: Eliminate Grammar, Punctuation, and spelling errors. Fix inconsistencies and fluency in the word choices.
  • Clarity: Conciseness in every sentence and word, rewrite hard sentences, rewrite long lists into bulletin points.
  • Engagement: suggest vivid words, rewrite the monotonous and repetitive sentences.
  • Delivery: ensure the message tone sounds the way you need, remove hedging language and unwanted qualifiers, alternative polite phrases in harsh writing, suggest appropriate tone, suggest respectful and current words.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Available
  • Team Management features 3+ users, separate login, create a company style guide, create and insert reusable phrases, sentences, or paragraphs, Brand tone, analytics dashboard, priority email support, assigning roles, and permission for specific accounts to control tools.

When compared to all other writing tools with Grammarly, the pricing is affordable and the drawback is its support only the English language. It was the best plagiarism checker tool and the best spell checker along with Grammar checking. It has a free version to try these tools and can decide the Pros and cons. Get started with Grammarly for free then find out the potential and power of its features to upgrade for more benefits.

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