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What are some online business ideas I probably haven't heard before?

Anitha Jayaseeli
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I never say that my listing is never heard before but I would like to share some of my ideas which you already heard or may not. Most people just heard but did not try.

Most of the products are made for right-handed people. But Most people are left-handed too. There are few companies that produce left-handed products.

Let's post about places on Google map like ramps, elevators, and toilets for physically challenged people and special children

Affiliate marketing is well known online business but most people use affiliate marketing to promote and increase sales of someone's brand. let's try for good and beneficial products as affiliates. don't promote all the products. BE a good reviewer to promote and sell customers beneficial products.

Youtuber - Many YouTubers are there. be a unique YouTuber like if you really know the solution of any queries or any knowledge sharing then share it with short and sweet. don't fool around people around a long time preaching or promoting videos.

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