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What is blog commenting? How can I do it?

Anitha Jayaseeli
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Blog Commenting is the connection developing method of bloggers with other bloggers, blogs, and also, their readers. It’s an excellent way to get linked, give your evaluations and thoughts about a specific blog subject. Blog comments provide you with targeted traffic and a greater social presence. It is a process to get remarks from another site to your site, simply by entering a comment as people do on Facebook and other social media platforms. It’s a vital role of Off-Page SEO.

Comment Systems
Online Commenting
  • Observe the blog you need to comment on (It should relevant to your niche).
  • Find the comment section below the blog.
  • Each blog uses various buttons like “Leave Comment” or “Post Comment” or “Submit comment”. Click on it.
  • Write on all the request details like name, email, website, etc.
  • Do a valid comment that will be applicable to the other users.
  • Check once quickly and present your comment.

Forum posts, guest posts, social bookmarking, directory link submissions also play an effective role when you like to get good backlinks. but always follow the quality of your post not quantity like spam post or comment

Topic starter Posted : 17/11/2021 9:10 am