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Which is better for SEO in 2022, Wix or WordPress?

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Anitha Jayaseeli
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WordPress websites are most flexible to SEO optimization. It has more features that are user-friendly, Feasible, Reliable, and compatible. When comes to website development it has all features comparably free. WordPress provides more tutorials, libraries, and guidance it can be useful to both professionals and non-professionals. CMS is the main key to WordPress, it will be useful in SEO. The post and blog sections provide a good impact on SEO. Most of the valuable plugins are free in WordPress and it gives a friendly environment not ask you to pay anything. For web hosting only you have to spend money and most of the hosting providers give great supports to WordPress. When it comes to WordPress websites Google can easily crawl your pages because of its SEO-friendly platforms. It supports all the features which are related to SEO. Other platforms also support SEO, that you have to pay for every package. WordPress provides very good support to eCommerce websites and it provides a WooCommerce platform for secure online transactions. But you have to pay when you prepare to other service providers apart from WordPress for eCommerce features.

WordPress is the best and good choice for SEO, Development, design, and plugin usage.

Posted : 15/10/2021 8:12 am