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Is it true that web hosting affect the website rankings? My SEO guy is suggesting me to change the website hosting.

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Anitha Jayaseeli
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Based on the service and quality it may differ. Page rank affecting is not always happened, it can happen oftentimes. First, you must analyze how you got experienced with your web hosting like if you have the following problems with your Webhosting then you should try to move.

1. Geographical location of your server is not as same as your website location.

2. Quality of your hosting server is not good. like if your website gets more downtime because of overcrowding in Server will affect your SEO.

3. Page loading time is more means you may receive poor hosting service if you are using low-cost hosting thing to upgrade better plan otherwise the        poor service will affect your google ranking.

4. Finally, keep another important thing that if you really want to change your web hosting be careful to select the web hosting which gives 100%              migration service without losing any of your effort and performance of your websites.

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Posted : 05/10/2021 10:59 am