Ultimate Guide: How to Monetize Facebook Page 2022?

Ultimate Guide: How to Monetize Facebook Page 2022?

how to monetize facebook page

How to Monetize Facebook Page? Most people use to have their social media accounts and have a regular following. People like to spend time with it and make use of these platforms based on their needs and professions.

For online marketing and businesses, it is the right platform to reach many audiences.

If you have a Facebook page with some group of following, whether having a website or not, there are many ways to make money from Facebook pages.

It is much easier to use Facebook pages and create monetized sites than other ways. If you have a Facebook account then it is easier to create a Business page.

Follow our detailed info on how to monetize your Facebook page? Or how to monetize Facebook videos? to make money from Facebook pages.

Learn from this article to make money with Facebook pages. To know how to monetize my Facebook page, first learn what it is exactly?

What is Facebook monetization?

what is facebook monetization

If you are new to this then you must know what exactly is Facebook Monetization and how to Monetize your Facebook Page.

Facebook monetization is nothing but to make money from marketing your brand or product that you offer to your customers or visitors of your Facebook page.

Whatever your brand or product may be like earrings or your online courses or coaching and any other services. You are just earning money from the Facebook page by creating ads. It is a form of Facebook monetization.

There are different methods you can operate Facebook to monetize your products or services. Monetize your Facebook Page, your Facebook Group, or use Facebook ads are the various ways. Here, we’re going to learn how to monetize your Facebook Page.

Why should you make money with Facebook pages?

Many companies develop from nothing but reach success overnight. We came across these types of news but we don't know what effort they put into expanding a huge following before establishing their products or service.

It is a challenging process to gain customers to launch a product or service, without having an audience we fail to attain success.

Remember to avoid classic approaches like what you develop that will earn returns. Because of the highly competitive marketplace, people have many ways and options to find better products and services. Be assured to create loyal products that meet your audience's needs. This will be the key to your success.

A great example of a social media influencer is Grace Beverly who made a huge profit in the sustainable fitness fashion business that has a large successful audience.

Rather than creating her products before discovering the market, she formed products that her people really enjoyed.

Find out what your customer requires in advance, then you can stop unwanted efforts.

Increase your Following on Facebook

Before monetizing your Facebook page try to increase your Facebook following. Without spending money it is not easy to get a following. Because it is a quick way to make your page familiar.

Nowadays, Facebook become act as a pay-to-play network, so make use of this money spending ad on Facebook to ensure that your content will display on your target audience.

It must be essential to invest in Facebook advertising before the sales start rolling in.

But for organic growth, you should wait for some months as well you should invest some time and energy to reach your audience. You don't need to invest your money when you're ready to wait for gradual growth.

Also, give importance to creating your content that makes your audience interesting and valuable.

How to Monetize Facebook page?

Before monetizing your page first focus on the eligibility criteria and guidelines which are reminded by Facebook.

Facebook Page Monetization Eligibility

how to monetize your facebook page

Facebook is a big social media platform that owns its guidelines to ensure security and discipline to the users and its clients.

So you can't manage or control as per your wish. You must follow the rules before deciding to monetize your products or services on the platform.


Facebook’s Community Standards:

make money with facebook pages

Facebook community norms have 6 categories, these are all especially appreciated by content makers.

  • Roughness and illegal behavior
  • Security
  • Offensive content
  • Integrity and authenticity
  • Consideration for intellectual belongings
  • Content-related demands

In a nutshell, these standards strive to prevent things from encouraging terrorism or political violence, loathing speech, online insulting, copyright violation, and more. Keep in mind all those guidelines if you wish to monetize a Facebook page.

Facebook’s Payment Terms:

As you may hope, Facebook’s payment terms are no less complicated. Shortly, they include:

  • Pricing
  • Payment credentials
  • Subscriptions
  • Extra terms such as shipping costs

When you need to engage with content monetization you must read all Facebook policies and payment terms.

Facebook's Page Terms:

To monetize your Facebook page you must read all their page terms which has an impressive list to give you an opportunity that you must adhere to all.

Some of the important page terms are as follows:

  • Avoid cleanly generic business names like “The Book Store”.
  • Check your page name has grammatical sense.
  • Avoid redundant page names because they have a rule against them.
  • Check the copyright violation for your page name.

Important note that you must tell the people before you collect their data through a call to action button. Also, you must have an easily available Privacy Policy that people can read.

If you concede all of the terms and conditions by Facebook, then you can monetize a page, monetize a Facebook group, or monetize Facebook videos.

When you wish to execute all these guidelines then there won't be any problems, just bear to be prepared with your submission.

How to check your Facebook Monetization Eligibility Appeal:

check your facebook monetization eligibility

Check your page eligibility whether it has qualified for Facebook monetization or not because not all are qualified.

To discover if your page is eligible or not, you should pursue the following steps and learn the eligibility criteria based on the countries.

  • First, Log in to Facebook’s Creator Studio
  • Click on the ‘Monetization’ tab
  • Then click the ‘Check Eligibility’ option

This will show the current eligibility status of your page. You can review your page eligibility by following these steps and determine whether you can monetize your Facebook Page.

How to monetize your Facebook page?

make money from facebook pages

You can find more ways to monetize your Facebook without taking into consideration of your page size.

Sell your member subscriptions and online courses:

In 2015 the global eLearning market has an outstanding $107 billion value, the belief is that in 2025 it may surprisingly move to reach a total market value of $325 billion.

From this, we can understand that people are now like to invest in themselves and their learning.

Because of the global pandemic eLearning had tremendous reach and boom in midst of people.

There is a place for everyone to earn money it may be yoga lessons or a unique niche community.

So you can include an online course or private member community subscription that will help you to monetize your Facebook following.

This happens to make a recurring income standard. It's not alike to sell the product as usual but when a buyer buys once then your audience is paying money every single month on their membership.

You can use the platforms like Disciple Media to create a subscription-based private community platform easily without any knowledge.

ts not against Facebook's algorithm but an included advantage to secure your courses and posts that are viewed by your audience.

Only 10% or less than your followers can see each post.

Sell products:

Unlike online course and membership subscriptions, Sell products don't offer you the same recurring income. Instead, it gives you more benefits.

The main advantage is to outsource your product entirely. Nowadays Dropshipping is rising in familiarity. Sellers use this kind of third-party platform to make, pack, and deliver the product straight to their customers.

Whatever you may sell, it's important to have a dropshipping company that fulfills and makes easy the entire process of the supply chain.

The only thing you have to focus on is to market your products to their respective audience.

Most of the drop shippers let you pay only if products are sold, this may have a low barrier to entry.

When your products are branded well then it's a plus to serve physical products on your Facebook page. Your branding will be visible to product users and their friends frequently. Produce the products fairly to the billboard for your branding.

Sell digital content

You can start selling your digital content to your Facebook followers if you are an expert in that field.

eBooks are famous around the people in the field of fitness and nutrition industry. Many of the professionals in this field sell workout guides and recipe books. Other than that you can market whatever you are specialized in like meditation you can sell counseled meditation audios or video content.

This type of product has a low risk of entry and is easy to maintain

No need to worry about packing, shipping, and delivery like physical goods.

You can have carefree selling while choosing this marketing.

Also, you can choose to sell these digital products for those who subscribe to your community or your newsletter.

To encourage your audience to subscribe to your community channel outside of Facebook as well as the possible way to motivate them to buy your products.

Transfer traffic to affiliate marketing sites

The belief of affiliate marketing is to boost other people’s products, gaining a commission if people buy a product or service when clicking a referral link via your site.

If you’re planning to use affiliate marketing, your finest chance is to create a blog. This delivers your audience with content that is of worth and enables monetization whether in blog posts or alongside them.

Based on your niche, blog posts should need to be worth to your audience and no need to long.

UK blog writing service provides the guidance of blog posts that should typically be about 1000 words long or more.

For fashion and food industries need to focus on visual content and the post should be as short as 500-1000 words. While images play a vital role in attracting visitors.

What you need other than this, surely your blog reach the potential audience and grow instantly

The longevity of the content is the main benefit when compared to social media.

Blog posts survive and are useful for the long term, so it is the right investment for beginners, established brands, and influencers alike.

In social media, if you reshare your post again, it will lose its effect. But in a blog post, it is just the opposite because blogs content is evergreen and alive in Google searches as much as possible. It is another way to make your audience and monetization.

Sell grown page services

When you reach your success and have grown in following to a worthy status then sell that capacity as a service.

Many small businesses don't know to create a presence on social media.

But if you have that knowledge and huge followings in social media then convert it as a profit.

Steve Bartlett made the media giant Social Chain off the back of himself and some friends holding their considerable followings, when connected together they were capable of developing effective influence over precise communities. Further, they try to sell this knowledge to support prominent brands to grow their audiences. Their process is slightly different but concentrates on the key matter that you too, do the same.

Don't consider the fact that you have small or huge followings, you can help even for small audiences based on your experience.


There are bags of various forms to monetize a Facebook Page. The necessary is assuring you’re delivering the best to your audience. Also, this will maintain them to engage and keep them handled like a vital part of your community.

Through Social media it is worth increasing your presence especially on Facebook that offers a good chance to construct your audience. By using a blog, a newsletter, or a private community platform you can make your presence.

This covers you even if adaptations are made in algorithms. This will make it difficult or more costly to bond with your audience. Also, confirm that you can link with your audience more intensely, and value their security and privacy.

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