How to create a WordPress website with Elementor

How to create a WordPress website with Elementor


Do you know how simple is to build a WordPress website with Elementor without coding knowledge?

No need for technical study neither front end nor back end. You just know only one thing, that is building your website is simple and easy. You'll need to know only how to build? What tool or landing page plugin for WordPress needs? What are the basic elements to design and develop a website? that’s all. 

No worries!! No coding!! 

WordPress is the best platform for building your website. along with this woo-commerce platform use a website builder or WordPress page builder to design your website. This article gives you guidance to build a WordPress website with Elementor and to develop your website using this.

When you use this WordPress page builder, it supports creating a custom landing page, custom page templates, custom page layouts, and more. After you will know coding is not necessary, it is not a big deal.

WordPress page builder Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress website builder that will be more feasible with WordPress. It's like a drag and drops visual editor for building your web page. Using this we can design a dynamic website easily.

Elementor is the best solution to build potential websites. This WordPress website builder plugin helps anyone can create their own website without any complexion.

Why Elementor is best for custom page layouts?

when there is no complexion then that must be the best one. This modern world finds a solution for all complexion that is turned to be easy and reach all types of people. If you’re a techie or else noob, no problem anyone can use Elementor page builder in WordPress to create your dynamic website.

Elementor provides you a fast and passionate visual editor, 300+ templates that are suitable for any business, 90+ essential widgets, a Responsive view to any device, a Popup builder without coding, a stunning theme builder, and WooCommerce builder for Shopify websites. These all features make Elementor the best plugin to create the website.

How to use Elementor in WordPress?

1. Register your domain

The basic thing to create a website is to find a domain name. There are many Domain and Hosting providers available to book your domain. The subscription of the domain is basically for a year and more than that. You can choose the name and register it with any domain name provider. You can check the availability of your domain on those providers and also the features and security which they offer.

2. Get the best web hosting with WordPress Support

landing page plugin for WordPress

The most important thing to build your website is to get hosting. Web hosting accommodates all your files to create your websites. If you are want to review the best hosting service please refer to the following link “Which is the best web hosting for WordPress?”. You can get your domains as well as in web hosting providers also. It is best to get all in one service.

3. Install WordPress

You can install WordPress from or In you can get a free version of WordPress. You can locally download it on your drive or in your hosting.

After login into your WordPress supporting Hosting Account, you can easily find the WordPress software. Install it and log in to your WordPress dashboard.

4. Install Theme

custom page layouts

In the WordPress dashboard, you can find the Appearance tab, here you can install the suitable theme for your brand or business. WordPress provides free build-in themes as well as Pro themes. You can choose either of them and activate the theme by clicking on the Appearance tab in the WordPress dashboard.

You can choose the installed theme and activate it. Otherwise, if you are a professional who knows to build your own layout you can proceed with the upload theme option.

5. Install Elementor

custom landing page

Finally, you can find the visual editor which is always offered by WordPress as a free version of Elementor. based on your design and requirements you can go with the Pro version of Elementor using the upgrade option. By clicking on the Plugin tab, you are navigating to the installed plugin page, where you can activate the Elementor Website builder plugin.

If you are purchasing the Pro version of Elementor you will need to enter your license by clicking Elementor and find the license then enter it. Elementor Pro version offers you more elegant features and advanced tools to build your professional websites.

6. Build your website and make it live

WordPress page builder

Finally, you can create your pages that how pages you’ll need to show on your website. for this you can click on the Pages tab on the WordPress dashboard and then click add new options. You can name your pages like Home, about us, Services, or Contact Us.

It’s your wish to organize and choose your menu for the website. Not only pages but you can also create posts in WordPress. After adding all your pages you can optimize and design each page using Elementor website builder.

On each page, the Elementor option will be the default. Open your page using Elementor visual editor view and use the tools. To create your page layout you can use sections, columns, and widgets in Elementor. After placing it you can add images, text, videos, background color or image, etc from Elementor by simply drag and drop.

When you finish your website, you can preview your pages or website from the WordPress dashboard. Finally, you can up your website on live.

Elementor Price

WordPress website with Elementor

Elementor provides a free version that includes 40+ basic widgets, a drag and drop live editor, and 30+ templates. The free version helps you to build basic and better performance websites.

You can find the difference between the free version and Paid version by its advanced and more feasible features. With a paid subscription you can get more advanced features that can help you to get rid of all complexion in creating the website.

In the paid version, they offer 30 days money-back guarantee.

  1. Essential Plan – $49/ year, you can build one Pro website
  2. Advanced plan – $99/year, you can create 3 Pro websites.
  3. Expert Plan – $199/year, you can build up to 25 Pro websites. The most recommended and popular plan. Includes 20 Expert Website Kits.
  4. Studio Plan – $499/year, you can design 100 Pro websites. Includes 20 Expert Website Kits and VIP Support to clear your tickets within 30 minutes.
  5. Agency Plan – $999/year, for 1000 Pro websites. Includes 20 Expert Website Kits and VIP Support to clear your tickets within 30 minutes.

Common Features by all plans except Free version,

  • Drag & Drop Live Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 90+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • 60+ Pro Website Kits
  • Theme Builder
  • Premium Support – regarding issues or questions they provide support to clarify them within a day

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