Top 180 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Site List - Free Bookmarking Sites list 2021

Top 180 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Site List

Top 180 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Site List

Back-links also are called inbound links since they represent some other website’s visitors coming to your very own website. Search engines like Google use backlink as a ranking signal because while one website links to another, it represents that they believe the content material is noteworthy. The quality and number of your one-way links assist you to rank higher in engines like Google and Bing. That is due to the fact your inbound links are considered a hallmark of how popular your internet site is with the Audience.

Dofollow Social Bookmarking Site List helps you to get quality backlinks to your website. Delicate back-links can assist in raising a domain’s ranking position and visibility in search engine results. Implementing, handling, and analyzing the performance of back-links is an essential aspect of search engine optimization and SEO strategies.

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Let's know about Backlinks working and the types in detail before checking Free Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites.

How Backlinks are working?

Backlinks execute a vital role in the SEO, Search engine algorithm, and improve SEO while developing your internet site. The incredibly best way to think about inbound links is through communications between websites.

For example, if you are a blogger writing an article about designing and the other blogger who hyperlinks to your article when sharing his thoughts on their own website this creates a backlink to your article. Same as when others also refer to your link from another website or blog it will increase your Backlink from valuable authorized websites.

Types of Backlinks:

Backlinks can be broadly known as two types one is a Dofollow link and another one is a NoFollow link. Let’s briefly know both types.

1. DoFollow Link:

A valuable type of link is the DoFollow link that everyone needs this link to increase website ranking on search engines. But be aware of scam links and bad links because DoFollow links should come from authorized and respected sites to gain more value for your website.

<a href=””> example of DoFollow link.

2. NoFollow Link:

This link mostly ignores cases by search engines that cannot be taken a count on ranking. Because usually, these links cannot transfer any value from one to another site. So these links never influence your website ranking.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> example of NoFollow link.

What are the ways to generate a Backlink to your website?

Generating Backlinks to your website is time taking process as well as an effective organic way. Here are some methods which will help you to get valuable links. The following methods are Off-page SEO to create Backlinks.

  • Generate from free SEO tools website like (SEO Hike Tools).
  • Submit your website to the most popular Search engines
  • Reciprocal link exchange
  • Add your website links on social media profiles
  • Submit your links through Social Bookmarking websites
  • Do guest posting on authorized websites
  • Post your link on Web Directory websites
  • Use forums and blogs to post your comment and get links.
  • Exchange links with service-related websites.

Let’s know briefly about Social Bookmarking and Web Directing link submission.

Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is the Off-page SEO Techniques to get valuable backlinks for free. Using this technique you can generate huge traffic and online visibility to your websites. It is an online process to add, edit, comment, share bookmarks of web data. It can allow you to save pages offline and restore them later when needed. Social Bookmarking is the best way to collect, arrange, and reclaim bookmarked web pages.

Social Bookmarking websites are the tools to have a great impact on your website ranking by getting valuable Backlinks. Because of huge traffic of visitors from  Social bookmarking will gain users to visit and interact with each other on your website.

Free Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites: Benefits

  • Improves the traffic of the websites.
  • Get a good ranking on Search engines like Google.
  • Help you to earn High PR Dofollow social quality links.
  • Get fast indexing of your websites on Search engines like Bing and Google Search Engines
  • Also, your post or your website may go viral when your link submission is approved by the Social Bookmarking site.
  • Domain authority of your site will gradually increase.
  • Lead you to prioritize and classify your blogs.

Top 180+ free DoFollow Social Bookmarking site list 2021

Before start submitting your link on Social bookmarking submission do have some tips on your mind

  1. Collect latest social bookmarking sites
  2. Have the unique title of your webpage that appears on Social Bookmarking sites
  3. Same as having a unique description of around 250 words is important when submitting your link
  4. Include proper keywords/tags.
  5. Do the verification on Social Bookmarking sites then submit your link.

Top 10 Social Bookmarking sites 2021


Here are the top and best social bookmarking sites for 2021. We listed free bookmarking sites list 2021

S.No Social Bookmarking sites Link Type
1. DoFollow
2. DoFollow
3. DoFollow
4. DoFollow
5. DoFollow
6. DoFollow
7. DoFollow
8. DoFollow
9. DoFollow
10. DoFollow
11. DoFollow
12. DoFollow
13. DoFollow
14. DoFollow
15. DoFollow
16. DoFollow
17. DoFollow
18. DoFollow
19. DoFollow
20. DoFollow
21. DoFollow
22. DoFollow
23. DoFollow
24. DoFollow
25. DoFollow
26. DoFollow
27. DoFollow
28. DoFollow
29. DoFollow
30. DoFollow
31. DoFollow
32. DoFollow
33. DoFollow
34. DoFollow
35. DoFollow
36. DoFollow
37. DoFollow
38. DoFollow
39. DoFollow
40. DoFollow
41. DoFollow
42. DoFollow
43. DoFollow
44. DoFollow
45. DoFollow
46. DoFollow
47. DoFollow
48. DoFollow
49. DoFollow
50. DoFollow
51. DoFollow
52. DoFollow
53. DoFollow
54. DoFollow
55. DoFollow
56. DoFollow
57. DoFollow
58. DoFollow
59. DoFollow
60. DoFollow
61. DoFollow
62. DoFollow
63. DoFollow
64. DoFollow
65. DoFollow
66. DoFollow
67. DoFollow
68. DoFollow
69. DoFollow
70. DoFollow
71. DoFollow
72. DoFollow
73. DoFollow
74. DoFollow
75. DoFollow
76. DoFollow
77. DoFollow
78. DoFollow
79. DoFollow
80. DoFollow
81. DoFollow
82. DoFollow
83. DoFollow
84. DoFollow
85. DoFollow
86. DoFollow
87. DoFollow
88. DoFollow
89. DoFollow
90. DoFollow
91. DoFollow
92. DoFollow
93. DoFollow
94. DoFollow
95. DoFollow
96. DoFollow
97. DoFollow
98. DoFollow
99. DoFollow
100. DoFollow
101. DoFollow
102. DoFollow
103. DoFollow
104. DoFollow
105. DoFollow
106. DoFollow
107. DoFollow
108. DoFollow
109. DoFollow
110. DoFollow
111. DoFollow
112. DoFollow
113. DoFollow
114. DoFollow
115. DoFollow
116. DoFollow
117. DoFollow
118. DoFollow
119. DoFollow
120. DoFollow
121. DoFollow
122. DoFollow
123. DoFollow
124. DoFollow
125. DoFollow
126. DoFollow
127. DoFollow
128. DoFollow
129. DoFollow
130. DoFollow
131. DoFollow
132. DoFollow
133. DoFollow
134. DoFollow
135. DoFollow
136. DoFollow
137. DoFollow
138. DoFollow
139. DoFollow
140. DoFollow
141. DoFollow
142. DoFollow
143. DoFollow
144. DoFollow
145. DoFollow
146. DoFollow
147. DoFollow
148. DoFollow
149. DoFollow
150. DoFollow
151. DoFollow
152. DoFollow
153. DoFollow
154. DoFollow
155. DoFollow
156. DoFollow
157. DoFollow
158. DoFollow
159. DoFollow
160. DoFollow
161. DoFollow
162. DoFollow
163. DoFollow
164. DoFollow
165. DoFollow
166. DoFollow
167. DoFollow
168. DoFollow
169. DoFollow
170. DoFollow
171. DoFollow
172. DoFollow
173. DoFollow
174. DoFollow
175. DoFollow
176. DoFollow
177. DoFollow
178. DoFollow
179. DoFollow
180. DoFollow
181. DoFollow
182. DoFollow
183. DoFollow
184. DoFollow
185. DoFollow
186. DoFollow
187. DoFollow
188. DoFollow
189. DoFollow
190. DoFollow
191. DoFollow

Directory Submission

Directory submission is one of the off-page SEO techniques that enable you to submit your website link to a specific category of a web directory. For example, if you have beauty products selling website then you could choose the shopping category of a web directory. There are three types of submission available in this directory that free listing, paid listing, and free reciprocal link listing.

You can select the right option as per your need. Free listing takes a minimum of 2 to 3 months to review for listing your link on the directory. Some websites take more time because of plenty of submissions awaited in a queue.


  1. Indexing and crawling your website by search engines can be rapidly done.
  2. You can easily get more leading link demand that you can get contextual category links and unique directory listing links.
  3. You can get more visibility of your product or brand
  4. Higher traffic directory websites can be diverted to your website so you can get more traffic.
  5. Using this link submission you may reach a higher page rank
  6. Directory submission has a social media sharing option so the user can easily share your link to various people or websites.

Directory submission Types:

  • Free web listing: This type of link submission takes time to be approved by the admin and doesn’t have a guarantee for listing. But you don’t need to pay for this directory submission and you have to wait for a free web listing.
  • Paid or feature listing: In this type, you can be charged for link submission and can easily get approval for listing your link on the directory. Some directory listing websites offer yearly or lifetime packages for link submission.
  • Reciprocal listing: when you are ready to share your reciprocal link to this site then they share their link to your website. In this, you don’t need to pay and can get approval as soon as possible.

How to submit your link on Directory Listing websites?

  • Select the best DoFollow directory submission websites
  • Get into each site, when you open the site select the specific category which is suited for your website as well as sub-category if possible.
  • Then select the web listing type whether free submission or upgrade one.
  • Then click on submit link and start to fill in the required details like URL of your website, title, description, keywords, meta description, etc.
  • After filling, the required details click on the verification and submit your link successfully. Some websites sent you links for confirmation to your email. So try to check your mail for confirmation.
  • After submission, you may get approval notification in your email.

Free Directory submission website listing 2021

S.No Directory submission websites Link-type
1. DoFollow
2. DoFollow
3. DoFollow
4. DoFollow
5. DoFollow
6. DoFollow
7. DoFollow
8. DoFollow
9. DoFollow
10. DoFollow
11. DoFollow
12. DoFollow
13. DoFollow
14. DoFollow
15. DoFollow
16. DoFollow
17. DoFollow
18. DoFollow
19. DoFollow
20. DoFollow
21. DoFollow
22. DoFollow
23. DoFollow
24. DoFollow
25. DoFollow
26. DoFollow
27. DoFollow
28. DoFollow
29. DoFollow
30. DoFollow
31. DoFollow
32. DoFollow
33. DoFollow
34. DoFollow
35. DoFollow
36. DoFollow
37. DoFollow
38. DoFollow
39. DoFollow
40. DoFollow

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