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The Best Free ClickFunnels Alternative

The Best Free ClickFunnels Alternative

Sales funnels developing in digital marketing is one of the demanding segments. Still, if you want certain sales funnels you need to use the best tools. Are you confused to use the correct platform to build what you exactly desire, based on your study? The clear and precise option is ClickFunnels and it is also the best choice.

This leads to the best free ClickFunnels alternative that will support you to make the right decision. In this brief, you'll discover the basics of  Clickfunnels and Clickfunnels alternative as well as the beneficial features and pricing with a comparison of competitors.

Know About ClickFunnels

cheaper alternative to clickfunnels

The software platform for developing a sales funnel is known as ClcikFunnels. The fine and right tools are available in ClickFunnels to design landing pages, marketing automation, lead generation, and capture specialties.  All these special features improve the business leads and increase the sales and its customers. Online business marketers benefit from these ClickFunnels features.

You can be guided through ClickFunnels by,

  • Maintain the complete journey of customers with sales funnels.
  • Get the right leads by creating attractive landing pages and forms.
  • Follow up with your visitors with the help of autoresponders.
  • Doing A/B tests will raise your conversions.
  • Sell items with single click upsell and with a super shopping cart.
  • Automate your Email and Facebook marketing methods.

For Online businesses, ClickFunnels are lead conversion solutions with a sales funnel builder.

Review of ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels are the best choice when it comes to creating landing pages and collecting or converting leads. Although there are some issues facing while using email marketing and online products.


  • With less time you can able to build attractive funnels.
  • ClickFunnels is much flexible enabling hassle-free edits and changes.
  • The Autoresponder feature assists you to enable e-mail and payment processes easily.
  • There are many pre-built templates are available.
  • Run A/B testing on each page is simple.
  • An updated version is always available to add new features.
  • Offers impressive affiliate program and free guidance program.
  • You can leverage many domains with ClickFunnels.
  • Feature to create membership sites that your leads can access it
  • Can have analytics view on campaigns, funnel performance, conversions, sales, and A/B testing results.


  • There is a problem with managing contact and email lists, blog sites, online courses, Customize membership sites, and affiliate programs. To overcome all these issues ClickFunnes offers third-party tools but it is not as much as useful.
  • Funnel making is actually an easy process in CilckFunnels but it is difficult when you are never used to it.
  • The user interface in all tools is quite ungraceful. Some of the pre-built templates are really old versions.
  • The built-in Membership course tools are incompetent and may bother viewers.
  • The Customer support system is not good for all customers. The partial support only happened. The issues are not easily solved as soon as possible.

Price details:

free sales funnel creator

ClickFunnels offers 14 days free trial plan that help you to know more about this platform and its benefits.

Standard Plan:  $97/month, Share Funnels, Build 20 Funnels, 100 pages, one additional team member login, connect with 3 payment gateways, 3 domains, Chat support, FunnelFlix(courses and training)

Platinum Plan: $297/month, Share Funnels, Build unlimited Funnels, unlimited pages, 3 additional team member login, connect with 9 payment gateways, 9 domains, unlimited Follow-Up Funnels, Priority Chat support, Weekly Peer Review Hackathons, FunnelFlix(Hours of Additional Training & Courses)

Two Comma Club X Plan: $2497/month, Share Funnels, Build unlimited Funnels, unlimited pages, 10 additional team member login, connect with 27 payment gateways, 27 domains, unlimited Follow-Up Funnels, Priority+VIP Phone support, Weekly Peer Review Hackathons, FunnelFlix (Hours of Additional Training & Courses) and more.

The Best Free ClickFunnels Alternative:

The Easiest & Fastest Way to Grow Your Online Business is the Free Sales Funnel Creator as well as the best and Cheaper Alternative to ClickFunnels. It is known as the Easiest and the Fastest Way to Grow Your Online Business.

The free sales funnel creator has all the funnel-building features you require and also, many other beneficial features.

Beneficial Features of

Let’s have a clean and clear view of the best alternative and cheaper software platform of features. The only tool that makes the entire process of your business much easier and faster. It will drive you to focus on important requirements of your business and help you to increase your growth on business.

cheaper alternative to clickfunnels

1. Sales Funnels:

Using this amazing feature you can create your marketing platform which is the best platform to sell your digital and physical products. It has many pre-built templates that you can create a landing page and your thank you page that is responsive to any device. Also, you can manage all your contacts, process payments, get access to electronic products using built-in funnel automation. The sales funnels feature offers you a customization drag-and-drop editor.

The other beneficial use of this feature is to build a promotional page that portrays your brand with your publisher. The most helpful thing about it is that you will build a promotional page. It will portray your brand with your publisher. The sales funnel builder is implemented for your demands, increases transaction rates, monitors your growth, and leads your customers to your business.

2. Email Marketing:

You can create an Email newsletter with complete automated steps sequences. Using the visual and text-based templates the design of your Email is much professional. It provides in-depth statistics and tracking analysis on your dashboard to assist you the right way to success.

The new leads that are gained by your sales funnel can be directly added to your contact list because all the processes are integrated well into so that you can tag your clients based on their needs. It will convert all your visitors into your customers with unlimited emails, segmentation, and email personalization.

3. Marketing Automation:

Automation is important if you’re an online marketer or own an online business. In you have the right to set your rules and multi-step workflows for your contacts with specific tags. Based on these rules you can automatically gather leads, subscribe them to campaigns, as well as sell you can sell products to them. The multi-step workflow helps you to automate the conversion process and save time.

4. Website Builder:

Without coding knowledge, you can easily build your website super fast with proven website templates as well as use the simple drag and drop editor. Using this feature you can perfectly integrate your email list, payment gateways, membership site, and products. Also, you can deliver your content to viewers by creating and adding a blog.

 5. Affiliate Program Management:

Through the affiliate program, generates $400,000  every month in sales. You can easily track and manage all affiliates, affiliate commission payouts in one place. It provides an option to list all your products in to reach more people. The ultimate goal is to promote your business.

6. Online Courses and Membership sites:

In this addon feature helps you ease your creation of online courses and membership sites. You can create content within a minute using drag and drop editors, and provide partial or full access to your members. Under one roof you can simply promote, create, and sell access. Pricing

You can use this best alternative of ClickFunnels as ever free. Because it is known as Cheaper Alternative to ClickFunnels and it is completely free with limited features. When you use the upgraded version you may receive plenty of profits and benefits. You can choose an annual payment term to save 30% on your total spending.

All plans include the following common features,

  • Unlimited Emailing
  • Unlimited File Storage Space
  • Unlimited Membership Site Members
  • Unlimited blog posts
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Run your own affiliate program
  • Online Support
  • Deadline funnels
  • Stripe integration
  • Paypal integration 

Free Plan: Include the following features which are probably limited.

  • 2000 contacts
  • 3 Sales Funnels
  • 10 Sales funnel steps
  • one Blog
  • one Membership sites
  • one Automation rules
  • one Workflow
  • one Tag
  • one Email campaign
  • 1-click upsells for one
  • one Order bumps
  • perform one A/B tests
  • one Coupon codes
  • one Custom domains

Startup Plan: $27/month and $228/year (save 30%), the features are 5000 contacts, 10 Sales Funnels, 50 Sales funnel steps, 5 Blogs, 5 Membership sites, 10 Automation rules, 5 Workflows, 10 Tags, 10 Email campaigns, 1-click upsells for 10, 10 Order bumps, perform 10 A/B tests, 10 Coupon codes, 3 Custom domains, and Free migration.

Webinar Plan: $47/month and $396/year (save 30%), The features are 10,000 contacts, 50 Sales Funnels, 300 Sales funnel steps, 20 Blogs, 20 Membership sites, 100 Automation rules, 20 Workflows, 100 Tags, 100 Email campaigns, 1-click upsells for 100, 100 Order bumps, perform 50 A/B tests, 50 Coupon codes, 10 Custom domains, 10 Evergreen webinars, and Free migration.

Enterprise Plan: $97/month and $828/year (save 30%), The features are 15,000 contacts, unlimited Sales Funnels, unlimited Sales funnel steps, unlimited Blogs, unlimited Membership sites, unlimited Automation rules, unlimited Workflows, unlimited Tags, unlimited Email campaigns, unlimited 1-click upsells, unlimited Order bumps, unlimited A/B tests, unlimited Coupon codes, unlimited Custom domains, unlimited Evergreen webinars,

Free migration, and one-on-one kickstart coaching session


When compared to the price with competitors is the right choice because it's definite value for money. Also, provide more profitable features than ClickFunnels. assists you in easily building funnels and integrating your email marketing. Instead, ClickFunnels gives loads of page templates to raise your conversions.

In you can run an affiliate program and create online courses. But in ClickFunnels, there is a need for third-party integrations to do this task. It’s clear that why is the best Free ClickFunnels Alternative. Genuinely, it's Free Sales Funnel Creator that easy-to-use and arises at an affordable price.

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