Top 15 Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions

Top 15 Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions

Top 15 Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions

Do you know what strategy will help you to claim or to make money online? will your methods help to receive revenue through marketing any products or services? whether the solution is a powerful strategy or not?

If you are a marketer, you should get a neat and clean review of the right marketing model. we hope that this discussion will help you to get solutions for the above questions and make a way to earn money online.

You are fascinated with the probability of being paid on a steady and normal foundation in your marketing endeavors. Affiliate Marketing is the best ideal way to earn and make recurring income. This article review the top 15 Best Affiliate Programs on affiliate recurring commissions to earn lifetime income through monthly recurring affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn profits online by promoting or branding someone’s product. When you use the referral link of their product on your website or space, you can earn a commission for selling the product through this purchase link. If the visitors or audience of your website purchase that particular product via this link you can earn a commission.

After each product sale, the affiliate marketer can earn the profit to generate through the link published on websites or blogs. In Affiliate marketing, the company that owns a product accepts the third-party advertisers to generate a significant amount of leads and traffic to the products as well as the company’s site which has other services too. Recurring affiliate programs for marketers is the best way to become good affiliates.

Will you get a Recurring Affiliate commission?

Commission in affiliate marketing is not as frequent for selling their service or products. Some of them do not provide continuous commission on selling products through referral. You may receive a one-time payment or the percentage of commission will vary from company to company. On the whole, you will surely earn some amount through this referral marketing.

But most of the time we will desire to own recurring affiliate income. That is possible by catching up with the right and the best recurring affiliate programs. These recurring affiliate programs will help you to earn repeat income and drive you to a successful affiliate. Before doing affiliate you should have a clear view of recurring affiliate programs for marketers. You should revise the best recurring affiliate products and apply them to those affiliate products for referral links. This will lead you to get monthly progress in earning by recurring affiliate programs list.

Benefits of Recurring Affiliate programs:

  • The one-time commission may be higher but a recurring lower amount is best when compared to a single-time payment.
  • For recurring programs, you don’t need to spend any resources. Because it is a one-time investment of your time and efforts then you can repeatedly earn commission through this.
  • You can get paid because of increased sales of the companies products and services. Both the party get benefits through this recurring affiliates marketing.
  • The recurring affiliate programs for marketers are the best source of income way for the long term.

Top 15 best affiliate programs with recurring commissions for Marketers in 2022

Here are some of the best recurring affiliate programs listed with careful revision of affiliate products and services listed to get regular revenue without any included promotion or works by affiliates. There are more recurring affiliate products available in the markets but we listed here the top 15 from that.

The best product to derive the right service for digital marketers and provide marketing automation tools for all kinds of business. Don’t hesitate to promote this product because it has good features for those who purchase and use it. As an affiliate, you will earn up to 40% recurring commission for the long term. is the one roof marketing automation solution. It offers free sales funnels and other featured tools installed on a custom domain.



ActiveCampaign is one of the excellent and accurate email marketing automation tools that offer target leads with the ideal match. The recurring affiliate commission for this service is 20% to 30% for all new purchasers. You can promote this lifetime recurring commission product. The features are 280+ platforms include WordPress, Shopify, ad Zapier. Also included are the most beneficial services CRM tools, market automation, email marketing, and many other useful features.


The perfect kit for online creators like digital marketers, Vloggers, and Bloggers to generate more leads and insights. The affiliate recurring commission is up to 30% for every purchase made by a referral link. Convertkit is a popular email marketing service and provides effective email automation solutions for your collection, newsletters, and other processes. You may have a chance to earn up to $1000 per month if you refer 100 clients with 1000 subscribers.


The most well-known and upcoming popular email marketing tool is known for its simplified automation solution. The perfect tool for bloggers who want an increased rate of traffic and subscribers. GetResponse is the e-commerce tool that offers pre-designed landing pages or sale pages for launching a new campaign, you just need to replace the content. Just apply for affiliate programs on GetResonse to grab a 33% of recurring commission on every successful referral.


cheaper alternative to clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is an enormous sales funnel marketing solution with an all-in-one service that turned all your audience or visitors into customers and leads. It is the best recurring affiliate program with a monthly recurring commission. It is a fully web-based application that helps you to create sales funnel easily without downloading or configuring. The recurring affiliate commission is from 20% to 40% when the users continue to upgrade after a successful usage of 14 days trial period.


Leadspages Recurring Commissions

The one-stop landing page builder platform offers an exclusive range of pre-built templates and lead generation tools that are suitable for bloggers who like to increase the revenue from their blog or affiliate. LeadPages help marketers to get more leads and subscribers. The base affiliate program recurring commission of LeadPages is 10% which will lead to the opportunity to earn up to 50% commission.


Optinmonster Recurring Commissions

The top conversion optimization tool that is powerful and generates more leads by gradually increasing your target list. The most attractive feature of OptinMonster is lightbox popups, floating bars, gamified wheels, and more to seize the reader’s interest. This is a good one to use for digital marketers, OptinMonster has a long list of templates that help you to create eye-catch interesting offers. The recurring affiliate commission is 20% for all new entry customers and the cookie duration is only 90 days.


Teachable Affiliate Commission

The right space to sell all your digital products particularly it is suitable to courses. Teachable would be the most referral option for marketers, chefs, or fitness geeks. It will create a space for those who are interested in creating online coaching services or courses. This is the right place to share your knowledge and earn profits. Without technical knowledge, you can build a unique website with a user-friendly interface feature provided by Teachable. The affiliate marketing program offers 50% long-term profits on all paid plans. The best affiliate program for marketers to earn a reasonable profit monthly.


Tubebuddy Recurring Commissions

This tool helps the creator on youtube, it is the content creation tool as well as a video optimization tool. Video SEO is important when your video needs more views and traffic. TubeBuddy is an effective tool for Youtube video creators. The important features are bulk video promotion, video processing, video SEO, and much more. TubeBuddy provides affiliates to earn 50% recurring commission for sales.


Moosend Recurring Commissions

The email marketing app that helps your business fastest grow and deliver powerful emails to your target audience. The top features of Moosend are Drag & Drop Automation Email Editor, A/B Testing, Data Analytics, Templates, website& user tracking, Advanced reporting, and List Segmentation. Moosend just makes easy of your marketing task and gain more through increasing sales with a growing list of subscribers and customer recognition. The recurring 30% affiliate commission is provided by Moosend for all the paid clients as long as they are holding membership.



The strongest and quality product offered by Aweber is the right choice for an affiliate program. They provide email marketing along with landing pages, web push notifications, and more. More than 700 customized templates are available in Aweber that will help big entrepreneurs as well as small businesses to create awesome personalized campaigns to increase sales and subscriptions. The excellent features along with email marketing are advanced automation capabilities, built-in subscriber management features, and automated, double opt-in subscriptions. The customer referral program commission offered by Aweber is 30% on all new subscribers.



The best messaging app provides the whole method of client engagement by approaching their clients by online or phone directly. It is a full customer service platform that enlights your business and increases your sales. They provide the right solution to their customers and are known for the best customer support software to give satisfactory services, sales, and revenue. The recurring affiliate program commission for marketers is 20% on the first signup of clients. The duration for the cookie was 120 days.



The top Learning Management System that offers you to design, advertise, and sell online courses. For promoting your brand or courses they offer different marketing tools like embeddable players and course trailers. As an affiliate marketer, you may also use this LMS for your customer desire in creating courses. The recurring commission is 30% with 90 days cookie duration. You can earn good monthly recurring revenue by applying Thinkific affiliate.



The excellent cryptocurrency platform to sell or buy bitcoins with trusted and responsive payment methods. They give both credit or debit card access to buy or sell your crypto coins. If you have clients who are interested in cryptocurrency then Paybis can be the right platform to promote services. The referral program gains you 20% commission for the marketers long-term on all paid customers.


The excellent automation tool with all in one roof delivers the lowest prices and is powered by AI. Unbounce provides a Conversion Intelligence feature that helps you to build landing pages and optimize your campaign. You can get profit from its recurring affiliate program, the commission is 20% for affiliate marketers.

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