JVZoo vs ClickBank: Which is the best Affiliate Marketing Platform?

JVZoo vs ClickBank: Which is the best Affiliate Marketing Platform?

jvzoo vs clickbank: which is the best affiliate marketing platform?

Affiliate Marketing is a profitable source of earning if you understand and discover the right platform to begin. Here we go through both ClickBank and JVZoo, the worthy and most used platforms.

JVZoo vs ClickBank comparison includes pros and cons, their features, interface, pricing, offers and quality of services, etc.

From the ClickBank vs JVZoo comparison, you can get a detailed view of the best affiliate marketing platform as well as which one is the best based on your business needs.

Both ClickBank and JVZoo are familiar ones for those who start an online business. But JVZoo affiliate program most familiar than ClickBank because it has launched first. Is ClickBank the best affiliate program? or JVZoo is the best ClickBank alternative? or both are the same?

They both offer a similar business model but the services are different.

Also, they are both experts in digital & software products. They serve similar audiences.

Let's go through the detailed comparison of both JVZoo vs. ClickBank.

JVZoo vs ClickBank: Signup Process to Get Started

jvzoo vs clickbank - which is best affiliate marketing platform

You should signup first when to get started with both platforms. The approval procedures are the same for both ClickBank and JVZoo.

Start signup with your email address and provide the required details which they need. Also, there is no need to provide your traffic stats, niche, like that on both affiliate platforms.

This is the process of getting started on both platforms. JVZoo vs ClickBank both are similar in signup and easy to start.

Affiliate Interface:

After the signup, in JVZoo you can see a dashboard of your Affiliate that includes the information of current income status, clicks, visitors, and sales.

clickbank vs jvzoo

Also, don't be confused with the JVZoo snapshot that is displayed besides with Sellers or vendors snapshot. In JVZoo every 5 minutes the snapshot gets updated. On the left top corner, you can find the menubar that includes the information of both vendors and affiliates. As an affiliate, you can focus on offers and discover the right products to promote and earn.

On the product menu, you can find 4 different options to find any products based on these choices.

The ClickBank Marketplace has a sorted list in popularity-based or niche-based. Also, you can find your desired products through the search box.

Choose your product and generate your affiliate links to promote it. ClickBank MarketPlace is the right interface to find your niche as well as the right ClickBank products.

is clickbank the best affiliate program

In ClickBank, you can opt for two options like Find Product and Category. These options help you to evaluate the right products.

ClickBank interface works good and it was outdated in looks and feel. It is the same for the past 20 years and now. But they are doing the upgrade process of public-facing images and their internal dashboard.

The JVZoo interface is neat, perfect, has more options to open, and is easy to use. Compare to ClickBank it's a big improvement for the JVZoo interface.

Ease of Use:

Right now ClickBank interface has in the evolution stage. Using the WordPress backend you can get a new affiliate dashboard for specific parts of the site.

After that, you can redirect to your account settings and see their old layout.

As per our experience and previous discussion, ClickBank is a mixture of old and new.

The new interface concealed the familiar functions from an old interface which is more difficult to use where you require to place.

JVZoo best affiliate marketing platform

On the other hand, JVZoo offers a much more cooperative and organized approach to its User Experience(UX).

You can easily find all your interaction options in one place on the dashboard.

You may be an affiliate, a creator, or an advertiser, it doesn't matter to operate your account, create affiliate links, run reports, your earnings, etc. You can administrate your account all from one central page.

But is not the same in ClickBank. The only drawback you have more menu options to open like nearly 41 different menu functions.

JVZoo takes the credit for the best user interface when compared to ClickBank.

But JVZoo must work on combining the menu items as much as possible in a better way.

Quality Of Services: ClickBank vs JVZoo

As an affiliate marketer do you own an excellent affiliate program that you'd need to promote? You should remember one thing that JVZoo and ClickBank are not like standard affiliate programs. They are both based on the types of the advertiser who operate with that.

Product Types

The main focus for ClickBank is to advertise digital products but in recent days they have partnered with some advertisers to sell physical products as well.

These products are health supplements that are the exception rather than the rule

On the other side, JVZoo is only interested in the promotion of digital products, with nearly aimed at the digital marketing niche.

Brand Names

It is essential to handle your expectation like promoting your products with other popular brands.

JVZoo and ClickBank help especially digital-only software vendors. It is a platform for digital products to promote online.

They give importance to smaller companies that want secure and immediate delivery of downloads to their customers. They do not focus much on big names.

Also, didn't have to urge to develop their very own platform.

If you want to gain more then, find out various product categories to promote it.

ClickBank: There are around 3,500 products or programs listed under the different product categories.

clickbank brand name search

JVZoo: It has 22 products transiting 22 product categories.

The difference is, JVZoo offers tens of thousands of different programs to promote your online business.

Based on the products for niche JVZoo is better than ClickBank. Except that ClickBank is also the best affiliate program.

JVZoo has many of the products in their other categories are listed under the Private Label Rights(PLR) content bundles. Like they are just articles suited for a given niche, not a digital product.

jvzoo product categories search

Based on the assortments of vendors or programs ClickBank is the best choice when compared to JVZoo.

Also, based on the quality control JVZoo is a bit sloppy. Marketers who are not approved by ClickBank will normally don't have any difficulty being approved on JVZ.

It is obvious that both have suspicious products, but JVZ has way more of them.

In this discussion let conclude ClickBank is the best one for a variety of products when compared to JVZoo.

Do remember one thing that once they had the sheer volume of digital marketing vendors but not now.

Choose Affiliate Programs

Usually, affiliates do not give importance to choosing the right affiliate programs that are suited for them.

It is not important to have a nice interface and a variety of programs. It is all wasted when it doesn't give what you need.

ClickBank has an outdated interface but it works well when handling vendors.

The left side sliders on ClickBank are old-looking and silly to use, but they assist you to squeeze your search and allow you to get conversion and income in terms of affiliate.

It also provides you to improve your search by adding a keyword.

When you find this as not a smart solution it works well.

On the other hand, JVZoo has an elegant design and style, with one long list of products that you can find in one place without confusion. Also, you can easily search for products by filtering by keyword or category, or sub-category.

After filtering the products based on keywords or categories, then if you need other filter options like EPC the only way is to sort by the column value.

Sorting the column by value is working but it’s unmanageable.

Like you may miss the right affiliate products when you have more filters.

Both platforms let you explore the product to gain more info or make your affiliate link.

When speaking of approval, in JVZoo you need to apply for individual programs but it's not needed in ClickBank.

This means it carries more time to promote products.

But with ClickBank, it is the opposite that affiliates have more control and freedom over it.

How do you get paid your Affiliate Commissions?

Let's see what type of payment method and payment terms ClickBank and JVZoo used.

ClickBank: It uses uncomplicated methods to pay its affiliates. The payment methods by ClickBank are check or direct deposit.

ClickBank offers usual net-30 terms as its appealing standard. They include both weekly and monthly twice payments. But for the first payment, you should wait for 30 days.

JVZoo: It provides the following payment mode like PayPal, check, Payoneer, or direct deposit. JVZoo offers instant payment vis PayPal.

For affiliates, it may be a nice and better feature, but to get an instant payment at least you should generate 50 sales.

Also, you must wait for 90 days to receive your commission after reaching the required sales.

Payment Threshold

Here, know the fact that how much amount you have to earn before making payouts.

ClickBank: It allows you when your account reaches the minimum of $10 or you should make 5 sales for payouts.

JVZoo: It needs a minimum of $50 balance in your account.

Both platforms did not consider refunds when it comes to the minimum balance. While ClickBank at least manages your refunds.

So let's say ClickBank is best when you need to get paid soon.

Customer Service

When discussing affiliate marketing JVZoo vs. ClickBank has two types of customer support. The first factor is the Affiliate's perspective, In this, you don't need to answer customers’ complaints or provide information or refunds.

It only considers the thing that the money-back guarantee, ClickBank only offers this.

ClickBank handles all your refunds matter but in JVZoo it may be left to the vendors.

Normally, it's the responsibility of the platform to take care of all customer-related issues.

Being affiliates you can own many better features when compared to vendors and advertisers.

Affiliates' job is only to take care of products promotion, remaining things are efficiently handled by affiliate marketing networks.

The second factor is taking care of how people need help when they require it in terms of customer service.

ClickBank has Knowledgebase customer service and when you click on the contact us button it leads to this knowledgebase service only.

The design may be sloppy but, ClickBank's knowledge base content does a satisfactory job.

JVZoo has customer support or service through knowledgebase only, you can find it from the main menu.

In the bottom menu, you can have the Contact Support button, from there you have the option to raise a support ticket.

When you need knowledgebase support, it's not in the direct menu. you have to search ‘Help' in the search box.

So both platforms are equal and neither of their support is outstanding in terms of delivering better customer service.

Solutions for Vendors

Both platforms provide an option for vendors to create digital goods and affiliates who need to sell them.

ClickBank has a demand for vendors to upload a product they should pay $50, for this reason, many vendors prefer JVZoo to generate sales.

So the hindrance to entry is far lower, which isn’t without matter when it arrives at quality.

Also, vendors can run a private affiliate program on JVZoo but it's not available in ClickBank.

For each sale, JVZoo charges a 5% commission, which is much lesser when compared to others.

This is what vendors like to go with JVZoo to earn more amount for the same number of sales.

The reason is JVZoo is a newbie in the field, so it favors the vendors when others turn down.

But ClickBank drives to hold out the low-end, worthless proposals by making affiliate marketers for $50 to list a product and not just their email address.


Now it's time to conclude and choose which affiliate marketing platform is best or who needs to use either of them.

JVZoo Vs. ClickBank

The drawback for JVZoo is that most of its programs are aimed just at the digital marketing community.

Also, JVZoo doesn't suspicion to add as many vendors as those who kicked off by other competitors.

Other than it was favorable to Vendors to earn a good amount of money.

ClickBank as a platform at least has a various range of products.

Apart from the old design and functionality, it gives you 3x faster payment than with JVZoo.

ClickBank survive for the past 20 years and had experience in quality work and secure processes.

Picking the right affiliate network is the right step when making money online.

Both of these platforms assist affiliate marketers to make money.

From the above comparison in various features, you may get the conclusion of which affiliate program is best for your business and affiliate marketing.

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