Background Remover Canva: How to Remove the Photo Background in Canva?

How to Remove the Photo Background in Canva?


Usually, we use various image editing software to change or remove the background of the image. Most of the image editors not providing you feasibility to do this. Like in Photoshop, Coral Draw, word or PowerPoint, etc.

This type of work gives you more pressure to bring perfect results. Sometimes it was a time-eating process. Here we are going to learn about background remover Canva step by step process.

Background Remover Canva:

Here is the best solution for How to Remove the Photo Background in Canva without messing. Using Canva you’ll be directed to do an easy job with good consumption. According to Canva, there is a single click solvent to remove the background.

Background remover Canva

Let’s work on it!!!

1. Sign up/Login with Canva

If you visited the Canva site they give you 5 step solution to remove background with a click. For this first, you have to login into your Canva Account or just start to sign up to open your account.

2. Start working on Canva

Let’s start with a new template or your recent design templates. You can choose various sizes in Canva, I usually choose presentation size. Based on your result you can freely select sizes like thumbnail, post, or art, and more in Canva.

3. Choose your image

Next, you have to select an image that you want to remove from the background. You can upload images or use Canva images to remove the background. The upload tab you can find on the left side of the editor.

4. Place your image in Canva Template

In the Canva template place your uploaded image by clicking on the image. You can use Canva for daily use limit 500.

5. The Magical tool to remove your background

  • Ensure to click on the image just you uploaded and added in the templates
  • Click on Effects from the editor toolbar or else there is a popup at the top of the editor
  • Then click Background Remover from the side panel and wait for some time to magic click processed
  • There your image background remove in a single click
  • Use Erase and Restore as additional to fine-tune your image it's optional

6. Other features in Canva

There are a lot of tools and options there to fine time your image.

If you want to use a different background image you may use Canva photos or images as your new background image. Click on the Background tab on the left-hand side of the Canva editor to add new background sources.

In the Pro edition, click on the little palette icon then you can add brand kit primary and secondary colors as your background color instead of adding the new image.

Also, you have the option to choose gradient shapes instead of photo or color backgrounds. Click on Elements in the top right corner of the Canva toolbar, select the background element then click on the Position tab and select backward to place this element as your new background image.

Finally, you can add amazing stickers as your background. Stickers can be there in the Elements tab.

Plans offered by Canva

1. Free

Sadly, You cannot find that amazing single-click background removing from the free plan.

But you have to get some benefits.

2. Pro – Background Remover tool

When comes to Pro you have a professional design with unlimited access to Premium tools and content

  • 499/- only per month up to 5 people plus 30 days trials.
  • It is affordable and flexible to use.
  • You have a Background Remover tool with this plan
  • 100+ million premium stocks photos, audio, graphics, and videos.
  • 610000+ premium and free templates with new designs.
  • 100 brand kits to apply color, logos, and fonts to your brand or campaign
  • Infinite magic resize
  • Convert your designs as templates for future or your team use.
  • 100 GB of cloud storage.
  • Schedule and social media content to 8 platforms.

3. Enterprise

Manage all your jobs using one editor and upgrade your work environment using the Canva Enterprise plan.

  • Include all features listed out in Pro
  • Multiple brand kits
  • Control team uploads and access the apps
  • Set a limit to access using template locking
  • Unlimited storage
  • Single sign-on and more.

You can have Education and Non-profits plan available in Canva

For classrooms and organizations, they offer creative and powerful tools which are free with Pro features.

As we discuss to remove the background with one click using the Canva Background Remover tool with Canva Pro. It is most suggested for your un mess jobs and save your productivity.

There are some free tools are available to remove background from images. But free tools often reduce the quality and quantity of images. Here are the top tools which are available online for free background removal of images.

Using, you can easily remove your image background online. There is no need to download the tool on your computer. This tool is amazingly free and will perform automatic background removal at a free cost. Just drag and drop your files or use the upload option to drop your images and the remaining part is taken care of by within a seconds.

In the download part, your images are not sure of the best quality or with a perfect resolution of your original images. For quality background removal without losing your content, you have to pay $0.14 to $0.23 for each background removal. The pricing may vary for each image.

Fotor's Background Remover

When compared to other free tools the loss of images quality is lesser in Fotor's BAckground removal tool. It is the best and efficient background remover tool. Just connect to the Fotor website and you will see the edit button, just click on it then choose ‘Magic Clipper' to remove your background using a brush. Complete and save the changes and download them. It takes a long tail to remove the background is the cons of this tool.

PhotoScissors Background Removal

The name itself clarifies the working technique of background removal that it is working as scissors to cut out your image background. Just upload or drag and drop your image to apply the changes. This tool can remove the background of photos in the format of JPG, PNG, and other web formats. The limit is the size of the image should be 10MB and 4.2Mpx resolution. The drawback of this tool is the poor quality of the outcome image.

How to Remove Background of an Image in Photoshop

The professional and branded tool for designing and image editing in Photoshop. Along with illustrator, it plays a vital role in the digital area with Trade quality. Open the software and place your image in the working area, then select the quick selection tool from a left side menu from there you can find the ‘Magic wand tool' which helps you to remove the background of images. Also, you may use the Eraser tool from the PS tool menu to remove the image background as smoothly and precisely without losing the quality of the image.

Conclusion Free Vs Paid version

Using the free version you will be able to remove the background of images but precisely loss your efforts on compromising the quality of images.

You can find more paid version tools that are not fit for your requirements. Canva Pro version is suited for all kinds of image editing and background removal with the best quality and ease of use when compared to other paid tolls which are available in the designing field.


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