How to make a YouTube intro Video in Canva?

How to make a YouTube intro Video in Canva?


Most people spend their time on social media platforms and most businesses target to run on these social media platforms. Create a YouTube intro video in Canva with YouTube intro video templates. Impress your subscribers using the Canva YouTube intro video. Learn more about YouTube intro maker.

 Is YouTube intro video in Canva important?

According to a survey in the U.S., 80% of children spent their time watching youtube videos. 82% of male adults between 16 – 60 watch youtube and 80% of female adults use this platform.

YouTube intro video in Canva

Baby boomers 44% visit this social media platform every day. More than 31 million channels are active on youtube.

Nowadays most people around the world earn from these social media. During this pandemic period, the rate of watch hours and amount of channels increased tremendously. Youtube is mainly viewed social media platform and also the next popular search engine after google. It has 122 active users and billions of hours of views daily. Based on the views it was more popular to have more audience to reach.

This article supports those who begin channel or those who want to improve their performance on the youtube channel.

To get attention from your target audience it is one of the right ways to create a Youtube Introductory video to earn more subscribers and more views.

If you want to stand in the high traffic you should follow all the optimization tricks and use all the tips. Canva is one of the most friendly platforms for designing. Canva offers the most amazing and professional tools and options to build your Youtube introductory video more professionally.

You don’t need any professional experience to make your intro videos else Canva Youtube video intro helps you to design the professional way of your intro videos.

Let’s take a tour of Canva: YouTube intro maker !!!

1. Get Canva Editor

Canva free editor can be downloadable. You can use either the free or Pro version to use Youtube video inro. To use a premium stock image, video, music, illustration content you should upgrade your plan from free to Pro. The free version has limited options and templates.

2. SignUp/Login

Are you already registered? then logged in or else sign up as new users. After login, you can find the Youtube video intro on the template Tab.

3. Choose your template: YouTube intro video templates

In Canva editor you can see the designing area on your right side. Left side top corner you can select the template tab. When clicking on the template tab you can find the Youtube video intro free templates for designing. You can choose the right template from the Canva youtube intro.

4. Tools and options in Canva

You can have millions of video editing options in Canva. There are more stock photos, pieces of music, videos, icons, illustrations, and graphics available for free use. As well as animations, photo effects, and collaboration features are available in Canva to make your effective Youtube video intro. It is the best Youtube, introduction maker.

5. Optimize video

On the Youtube intro template, you can make changes to each part. First, you can change the text and add your content. There is an option to optimize your text like color, font, size, style, tag line, captions, etc.,

Then you can make changes in images like uploading background photos from your image or Canva stock images. Canva library has millions of photos, graphics, illustrations, and icons.

Now you can change your template video or add new video from templates or else upload your videos in the video intro. Canva provides more video clips in the library.

Last but not least you can get your more professional way of a video intro by adding an audio track on your video for Youtube, by using the best Canva Youtube introduction video maker.

6. Ready to upload

On the right-hand side topmost corner, you can find more options with three dots. By clicking on this you can have more sharing options to share your design on all most all social media platforms.

Also, there is an option to download your video by clicking download and posting it on Facebook, Twitter, email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and more.

Canva YouTube intro video: Key points to follow

File format – the supported file format for youtube is .MOV, .mP4, .AVI, and .WMV. check your file format according to that.

Video dimensions – The aspect ratio is 16:9, the high definition is 1920×1080 pixels, available high resolution is 4k at 6840×2160.

You can also animation videos on youtube intro by adding animated graphics stickers from the element tab, by clicking on the Elements tab you can select the Stickers option. In that, you can surf more stickers with animation like liquid stickers, frame stickers, blob stickers, and more.

Canva provides a free youtube intro maker without trouble making options or limitations. Within a minute you can design your video using the Canva youtube intro. Video can be shorted to reach your audience as soon as possible. It may be a 10-15  seconds video. Canva helps you to give more views or attention from social media platforms. Canva helps you to establish your brand on social media platforms.


Canva offers Free, Pro, and Enterprise plans, you can use the free version when you want basic features, you have an additional set of features and more premium tools and stocks on the Pro version.

The most recommended plan is Canva Pro at an affordable price.

Purchase Canva Pro version at $6.79/month for up to 5 people. In the case of Students and non-profit purchases, Canva PRO is free.

The Pro version has the following remarkable features that are not in the free version are,

  • One-click Photo Background Remover Tool
  • One-click design Magic Resize tool
  • Create custom templates with your logos and fonts
  • Transparent background designs when comes to download with quality
  • Animated video format exports(GIF, MP4)
  • Create social media content and directly upload or share to 7 platforms.
  • Built-in workflows to get approval on your designs
  • 100 brand kits available to establish your brands across color, logos, and fonts.
  • Unlimited folders and 100 GB cloud storage
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 2 FA Security support.


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